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Can KEYTRUDA® be used with other medicines?

Due to the way in which KEYTRUDA® is broken down in the body, no effects on other medicines are to be expected. However, it is important that you tell your doctor about any other medicines that you are currently using or would like to use soon. Tell your doctor about all the products you are using, including any vitamins or herbal remedies. Your doctor will be able to tell you whether the vitamins and/or herbal remedies are suitable for you.

Can I have vaccinations?

The same recommendations apply to cancer patients as to everyone else. Please discuss with your doctor on a case-by-case basis whether it is possible or advisable for you to have a vaccination.

Can I go on holiday?

Yes. However, please talk to your doctor about whether it would currently be advisable for you to travel before you book your holiday. It may be that some specific preparations are required for the holiday. It is recommended that you take the information about your treatment with you on holiday. Carry your patient alert card containing your doctor's contact details with you at all times so that he or she can be reached in an emergency. The patient alert card contains important information about signs of illness and symptoms that must be reported immediately to your treating doctor when you are travelling. Make sure that you do not miss any of your treatments while you are on holiday.

Is more caution required for elderly patients?

Overall, no differences in terms of safety or effectiveness between elderly patients (65 years of age and older) and younger patients (under 65 years of age) have been reported. No dose adjustment is necessary in this patient group.

Can I drink alcohol?

Care should always be taken when consuming alcohol, and this also applies during KEYTRUDA® therapy.

Should I use contraception?

If you are a woman who could become pregnant, you should use a reliable method of contraception while you are being treated with KEYTRUDA® and for at least 4 months after your last dose of KEYTRUDA®. Talk to your doctor about possible methods of contraception that you can use during this time and tell your doctor immediately if you become pregnant during the treatment.

Can I breastfeed?

You should not breastfeed while you are being treated because it is not known whether KEYTRUDA® passes into breast milk. Please tell your doctor before starting therapy if you are breastfeeding or if you intend to breastfeed in the near future.

Can I drive and/or operate machinery?

Do not drive or operate machinery after receiving KEYTRUDA® unless you are certain that you feel well. Feeling tired or weak are very common side effects of KEYTRUDA®. This can interfere with your ability to drive or operate machinery. Talk to your doctor about whether the illness will impair your ability to drive in general.

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